Heather Zeissler, Co-Founder

Heather Zeissler

Co-Founder, THEAQ Publishing

Heather Zeissler is co-founder of THEAQ Publishing, a print and digital media publisher.

She has served on several non-profit advisory and executive boards.

Zeissler is also the author of multiple children’s books that feature Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Her most recent publication is a children’s book titled, “hi, My nAMe is MArtiN,” which continues to tell the journey of Malcolm, from his siblings’ perspective, who has Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

A native of rural Minnesota, Zeissler graduated from the University of Minnesota at Duluth with degrees in Sociology and Accounting.


hi, My nAMe is MiLLY by Heather Zeissler
hi, My nAMe is MiLes by Heather Zeissler
hi, My nAMe is MArtiN by Heather Zeissler
hi, My nAMe is MALcoLM by Heather Zeissler


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