The Two Guys' Gourmet by Paul Zeissler

The Two Guys' Gourmet: A Cookbook for Men

by Paul Zeissler (illustrated by Rebecca Michael Zeissler)
© 2014-2017

Nervous in the kitchen? Well, cheer up, Bunky; that’s why we’re here! We have arrived to demystify the art and craft of cooking. And more important, we’ll tell you the truth about cooking and the kitchen. Once you get the hang of some simple techniques and get comfortable with the idea that a recipe is a starting place, not the Word from the Mountaintop, you may find that this is the most fun you can have with your clothes on (a point to remember when you’re frying bacon).

You may notice that this book, unlike many cookbooks purported to be for men, has no barbecue recipes. This is not because we do not love barbecue. We do! We do! We cherish stories of carbonized chicken (it was chicken, wasn’t it?) and eyebrows that never really grew back right. It’s just that we feel that barbecuing is a genetic thing: you don’t need a cookbook at all, you just need that good old Y chromosome. Come on, guys. We can all barbecue--except maybe our friend John. The ability to char raw meat over fire comes with the beard and the deep voice. What we want you do to is move that same flame-and-dripping-blood talent and confidence indoors to the kitchen.

So kick back and relax. Grab a brew, read and enjoy. Don’t just follow us around like sheep. Use our book as a springboard into your own frothy lake of melted butter. We’ve already made all the mistakes for you. Look for our “Little Life Lessons” throughout the book. they represent the blunders most commonly made by guys (us).

Have we learned from our mistakes? You bet. We’ve learned so well we’re able to repeat each of them perfectly. Go forth and do likewise.

Good cookin’!


“This is more than a cook book! It is like a novel, easy to read, full of surprises and good tips abundant. Men should use it. Women should read it. My wife has started to put the cling wrap in the refrigerator, and the lemon in the micro wave. Both work great.”

Bill Batten

Sarasota, FL

“I wanted to let someone know just how much I have been enjoying this wonderful cookbook. It is so much more than a great cook is just fun to read! I giggled my way through the book...lots of great information (and I thought I knew it all). The illustrations are a hoot!
A cookbook is always a good investment for the kitchen (this one is not just for guys)! I suggest that anyone who loves to cook or is looking to start cooking buy the book and have fun!”

Cher Rousseau

Clearwater, FL

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