hi, My nAMe is MALcoLM by Heather Zeissler

hi, My nAMe is MALcoLM

(hi, My nAMe is series, volume 4)

by Heather Zeissler (illustrated by Rebecca Michael Zeissler)
© 2016-2017

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In this fourth and concluding volume of the hi, My nAMe is series, join Malcolm as he recounts the exciting time that he and his sister, Milly, traveled alone by airplane to visit their aunt and uncle in St. Louis.

Readers of the entire series will appreciate Malcolm's progression of speech and language development from non-verbal due to apraxia of speech to near recovery and normalization. Some will relate personally to the activities and dialog. All will experience this real example of unconditional love.

He is now on a lifelong journey of learning through verbal communication that at one time may have seemed unreachable. Previously, it took his siblings to share the pieces of his story. Now, Malcolm can speak for himself and the puzzle is assembled into recognizable form.

It wasn't easy, but Malcolm persisted with his positive spirit and his family never left his side. It's possible.


List PriceUSD 12.95
PublicationOctober 31, 2016
Dimensions6" (w) x 9" (h)
List PriceUSD 2.99
PublicationOctober 31, 2016


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EDUCATION / Special Education / Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities (EDU026030)


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